Too many times I have walked into a beautifully remodeled bathroom only to have to break the bad news that the enclosure the customer wanted wouldn’t be achievable without extra work.

So let’s get you as prepared as possible for your project with the following tips:

  1. Most frameless shower enclosures are going to require wood backing. This is easily accomplished when the walls are removed during demo. All that is needed is a wood 2″ x 4″ inserted in line with the location of the shower enclosure. Double the 2″ x 4″ up if it’s heavier than 3/8″ glass.
  2. You almost always want a marble or granite sill where our glass is sitting, and we want a slight pitch on that sill inward towards the shower drain (an 1/8″ from back to front is great).¬†Using tile creates a lot of grout lines where water tends to sit and discolor some of the grout, a solid surface without grout lines tends to be much easier to keep long term. We also suggest a small sill as a transition piece on step down and walk in showers. The reason for this is that there is a sweep that goes under the door to keep water in the shower, and that sweep will make contact with the floor the entire way it swings out and back sweeping any mats or towels you leave in front of your door to step out on, unless the door is raised higher than the floor with a short sill like this:¬†
  3. Glass tiles are beautiful, please just don’t use them where we are drilling in a frameless glass enclosure. We have attempted to install on all glass tile walls and have cracked the glass tiles more times than not. The glass tiles just don’t do well with drilling or bearing weight, therefore our policy is to no longer attempt installing on glass tiles. Instead of all glass tiles end the shower with some wide enough bullnose that isn’t glass that we can drill our enclosure into or use a marble sill up the wall as in the picture below.

These are the issues we run into the most often that could be resolved during construction that will help insure that you can have the shower enclosure of your dreams.

Hope all goes well with your remodel and let us know if we can be of assistance for your South Florida shower enclosure needs.

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