Have you ever been in a newly remodeled bathroom and it just seemed like the tile in the shower was clearer and more vibrant? That is likely due to the quality of glass in the shower enclosure and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

Clear tempered float glass (our industry standard) naturally comes with a green tint as you look through it. What causes that? I have two words for you: Iron oxide.
Oh no, not iron oxide…

Yes! The higher the iron oxide in the glass the more green you will see while looking through it. low iron glass goes by many brand names: krystal klear, ultra clear, starphire (my personal favorite due only to name being awesome) and many others. No matter the name it all breaks down “similar” (I know “the same” would have been great there but I’m sure each company has a reason why their product is slightly superior etc.).

Bottom line: low iron means as little as 10% iron oxide in the glass which equates to better clarity and less green.

Will your shower look like a giant green box if you don’t do low iron? Probably not. In truth it depends on the tile color, as white tile will make the green stand out more than darker tile. On the other hand all that money spent on tile will look way better with more clarity.

Personally, I would much rather see money spent on glass clarity then on thickness of glass. Before making a decision I suggest you go to see it in person at your local shower enclosure company.

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