Shower door glass quality. Is there really a difference?

Have you ever been in a newly remodeled bathroom and it just seemed like the tile in the shower was clearer and more vibrant? That is likely due to the quality of glass in the shower enclosure and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

Clear tempered float glass (our industry standard) naturally comes with a […]

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1/4″ vs 3/8″ vs 1/2″ shower enclosure glass. Which do you actually need?

The most common question I get when doing our free in house consultations is “What thickness of glass should I use?”. To answer that we need to consider a few things: Unit type, height, and budget.

Let’s start with the fact that all of our glass is tempered in shower environments, so there is no […]

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Custom, frameless shower doors and enclosures in south florida

Our Mission is to provide unique and affordable shower enclosures utilizing creative design and the finest components. Family owned and operated, our staff offers a complete shower enclosure solution for both residential and commercial projects. Our engineering expertise benefits all of our clients with creative, safe and functional enclosures. From frameless glass enclosures to fully […]

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